About White Like Her and how PBS’ Genealogy Roadshow solved my family mystery.

I’m a mystery author with a family mystery I was never able to solve. The mystery revolved around my maternal grandfather, Azemar Frederic. I’d never seen a photograph of him, didn’t know when he was born or died. All I knew about Azemar was that he lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was my mother’s father.

When Genealogy Roadshow announced that New Orleans was one of their Season Two cities, I was thrilled. If the show chose my story, I’d finally know the truth of my racial heritage. 

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White Like Her offers new insights into issues surrounding the complex history of racial passing in the United States . . . This is a book which will elicit much discussion among diverse audiences, adding, as it does, to the too often elusive American tapestry.”
Ronne Hartfield, author of Another Way Home: The Tangled Roots of Race in One Chicago Family

“Important in helping us understand America’s complex racial history . . . Adds to the ongoing conversation about race and racial identity in America because it looks at the ramifications of institutionalized racialism and racial passing through one family’s story.”
Kenyatta D. Berry, host of PBS’s Genealogy Roadshow